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14. 06. 2011Newton 21 group, quoted on the Free Market of Euronext, Brussels, managed...


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Newton 21 group, quoted on the Free Market of Euronext, Brussels, managed to maintain its worldwide position despite the uneasy period the global economy is going through.


The economically relatively unstable year of 2010 did not hold the Newton 21 group back from proceeding ahead to achieve its defined goals. The group, through its affiliates and associated partners in 14 European countries, realized in 2010 an operational EBITDA of 1.098.985 euros, almost tripling thus the results of the year 2009 where the EBITDA was only 414.786 euros.

"The financial results of 2010 proved significant growth, admits Alain Mahaux, CEO of the Newton 21 group. "The turnover of our group reached 21.325.025 euros, creating a gross margin of 15.217.462 euros, added the CEO.

The reason behind this progress lies in the strategic expansionism of the group. Branching out into other groups and building strategic alliances have made the group enter new fields of communication and hence generate new operational profit.

Never getting complacent, however, the group aims to continue further expansion and growth with a particular interest in Eastern and Central Europe and BRIC countries. Likewise, enriching the offer in the healthcare communication and marketing as well as investing in digital communication are the group' s main focal points.

Today, due to its link alliance, the group operates under two widely recognized brands: Vivactis and Newton 21. The first is one of the European important players in healthcare and well-being communication; and the second is very active in brand activation and digital communication. Such complimentary alliance allows the two brands to put in common their know-how and their skills in a way that is beneficial to the group and its stakeholders; it is just what makes everyone feel good!

For Newton 21 the sky is the limit.

"The year 2010 was quite a good year for the group; yet, the year 2011 is signaling more growth and more expansion', says Alain Mahaux.

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